November 27, 2009

Predator Vision

smack-head style jamming

1. Brotherhood Of Man: Predator Vision s/t cassette (Future Sound, 2007)
2. Spirit In Flesh: Predator Vision s/t cassette (Future Sound, 2007)
3. Eyes Of The Demon: Predator Vision II cassette (Abandon Ship, 2008)
4. The City's A Jungle: Predator Vision II (Abandon Ship, 2008)
5. Real Aliens: Sun Araw split l.p. (Not Not Fun, 2009)



November 25, 2009

Made in Babylon

Razor X Productions: Killing Sound - Versions disc (Rephlex, 2006)


November 24, 2009


Rhys Chatham - Selected Works 1971-1989
(Table Of The Elements, 2002)


CD 1
Two Gongs (1971)

CD 2
Die Donnergötter (1985)
Waterloo, No. 2 (1986)
Drastic Classicism (1982)
Guitar Trio (1977)
Massacre on MacDougal Street (1982)

CD 3
An Angel Moves Too Fast to See (1989):
i. Prelude
ii. Intro
iii. Allegro
iv. No Trees Left: Every Blade of Grass is Screaming
v. Adagio


November 23, 2009

LA Times...

23 trax

Stapled Shut Demo (1996)...


Fugitive Equilibrium

November 22, 2009


Doesn't half get a bit Dukes of Hazard at times but thats probably down to old Red being born within a dixie whistle of Hazard, Kentucky.

Red Allen/Frank Wakefield The Folkways Years 1964-1983


November 21, 2009

Stiles for Miles

Studio jams and workouts. Worth it if only for track 2.

Miles Davis - The Lost Mid-70's Sessions (1973-76)



The first 7" from Ethan Bucklers band King Kong and the only release to feature the full Slint line-up of Brian McMahan, Britt Walford and David Pajo. Sounds nothing like Slint though.

King Kong - Movie Star 7" (Drag City, 1989)


We do this all day bruv

tough talk from shitty council estates

Hollowman Giggs Presents The SN1 Mixtape Another Quick One Bootleg (2009)


November 18, 2009

Albany style...

Born Against Live At Gilman Street (1993)...

Albany Academy
Mary And Child
Nine Years Later
Riding With Mary
This Trash Should've Been Free
Footbound And Hobbled
Mountain Dew
The Good Father
Wearing A Lampshade
Five Dollars An Hour
Bit Part In a Bad Movie
Movin On Up
A Whopper of a Tale


November 11, 2009

November 10, 2009

Marty Reverby...

Suicider doo-wop; cadence swathed in rumble, hiss and buzz.

Martin Rev s/t (Lust/Unlust, 1980)...


"Never trust a man in a polo neck"...

"Tom Fazzini’s combination of minimal synth and brutalist/absurdist industrial songs had more in line with the broader discomforts of the early 80s international tape network, Family Fodder, LAFMS, Flying Lizards and Ralph records than the agit pop that dominated the Leeds music scene at the time. Once an outsider, always an outsider." Locust Music

Tom Fazzini - Neck To Neck (1984)...


November 08, 2009

World Industries...

Documentary about the rise of tin-pot Skateboard mogul Steve Rocco, whose company 'World Industries' and it's cohorts (Blind, Plan B, 101, Foundation) were instrumental in revolutionising the skate industry, away from the vert riding skulls n' daggers stench of the 80's and giving the kids what they'd wanted: proper street skating, good design aesthetics and unorthodox ad campaign's.

The Man Who Souled The World (2007)...

Skate Video Days compilation posted way back...


November 07, 2009

DJ Snotburger...

Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis single sided 12" (FXHE, 2007)...

including the no bass version




(the Russian Blackdeath)

Chronicles Of Hellish Circles (Hammer of Damnation, 2009)...



November 06, 2009


DBX - Rare & Unreleased

High Voltage
Baby Judy
Rubber Ducky
Losing Control (Richie Hawtin RMX)



November 03, 2009

Mika Vainio...

minimal | acid | techno

Philus - Kolmio EP (Sähkö, 1998)...



November 01, 2009


The path of Superion is the ultimate journey into the dark and forbidden domains of knowledge, strength, power, hatred and the loss of weaknesses such as the "guilty conscience" and the feeble moralities that are forced on to the common man of this age. Without the purest of commitment to these words, there can be no victory.


Attack.Blood.Revenge (Dark Horizon, 2001)

Superion.Command.Destroy (War Hammer, 2002)


J Read interview

Ross Bay Cult...

This is where it all began. That 30% or so of black metal bands who play that style that sounds like nothing but chaos to the inexperienced and at its best represents the dizzying heights that black metal can be taken to. Beherit, Proclamation, Conqueror, Revenge, Archgoat… these bands would sound nothing like they do or did if it wasn’t for Blasphemy. Combining the speed of grindcore, the hardness and grit of first wave death metal, and the evil of early black metal (such as Mayhem – Deathcrush), Blood upon the Altar showcases Blasphemy’s unique take on extreme metal in its rawest, most unrefined form. Their instantly recognizable style would soon be developed and matured until it reached its peak on Gods of War four years later, but Blood upon the Altar is still an undeniable classic, the very first of its kind. (Metal Archives)

Blasphemy - Blood Upon The Alter (demo, 1989)...

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