January 31, 2009

Unholy Superion Attack War Metal...

Constant warlike tempo and ranting howl of rasped vocal edge on the churning cycles within these pieces, joining circular and linear in a narrative which reveals potential in nothingness by expanding the most basic riff concepts into epic levels of variation accompanied by concept expressed in lyrics and choices of points and modalities of frequent tonal reference, forming a baroque passion embedded in machine death music for the future. Deliberately similar to Blasphemy and other Canadian bands, this act have much in common with the Australian grinding black metal front as well as local bands Axis of Advance and Sacramentary Abolishment in the framing of drive in nearly constant percussion-centric surging blast of guitar and drum impact. Twisted fragments of esoteric self-convulsive melody trail off after a complementary rhythmic subdivision and briefest harmonization, forming the violent lead guitar which periodically graces these songs. Instrumentation is perfectly in balance with performance and reasonably technically adept. An overall impression to offer the listener: fast intelligent black metal based on a worldview of eternal warfare.

Conqueror - Hammer of Antichrist: History of Annihilation (Fifth Division, 2003)...


January 30, 2009

Gospel Yeh-Yeh...

Make-Up - Destination: Love; LIVE! (Dischord, 1995)...

From the hashy faces and cranked guitars of the mighty Nation of Ulysses whose ethos amongst many was to never wash away the taste of a good day by brushing your teeth. The bad breath and plaque still erodes the mouth of our hero and leader of 'liberation theology' Ian Svenonius. This breed of racy music differs slighty to its hardcore predecessor, countering the capitalism of modern rock and roll with more of an emphasis on live performances and interaction between band and audience, thus incorporating and uniting the crowd or rather their 'Rhythm Hive' as fifth member. Hold true your faith and your cynicism, whilst we await this coming reckoning with glee. Beware, be armed!


Butthole Surfers - Interview in bed (part 1)

January 29, 2009

Gas - Pop (2000)...

Ambient techno. warm drones with occasional thump thump here and there. Blissful then downright eerie. A sunny day goes by while you're trapped under a really thick plexiglass cube. also known as Wolfgang Voight, Mike Ink. Heavy from start to finish.


January 28, 2009


The compilation cd that comes with the book above, each artist featured has a brief biography accompanied by a full colour illustration by Crumb. A tribute to the musical innovators who helped inspire him as an illustrator and a lover of music. Tracks all picked by the man himself...

1 Memphis Jug Band - On The Road Again
2 Blind Willie McTell - Dark Night Blues
3 Minglewood Blues - Cannon's Jug Stompers
4 Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues
5 Jaybird Coleman - I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan ; Some O' These Days
6 Charley Patton - High Water Everywhere
7 Frank Stokes - I Got Mine
8 Dock Boggs - Sugar Baby
9 Shelor Family - Big Bend Gal
10 Hayes Shepherd - The Peddler And His Wife
11 Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers - Little Rabbit
12 Burnett & Rutherford - All Night Long Blues
13 East Texas Serenaders - Mineola Rag
14 Weems String Band - Greenback Dollar
15 Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra - Kater Street Rag
16 King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band - Sobbin' Blues
17 Parham-Pickett Apollo Syncopaters - Mojo Strut
18 Frankie Franko and his Louisianians - Somebody Stole My Gal
19 Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Wild Cat Blues
20 Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers - Kansas City Stomps
21 Jimmy Noone - King Joe


January 27, 2009


An informal interview recorded in October 1974 with a very relaxed Philip K Dick in his home, the television on, his cat screaming and his son Christopher playing in the background. 47 minutes in length...

01 (Intro)If God exists then he's a fake, or more likely a foot!
02 On RAH.
03 Christopher.
04 Self-sacrifice, the person sacrifices himself for another person.
05 On Mussolini.
06 On deciding to write novels.
07 On The Sayings of the Desert Fathers.
08 On Jung.
09 On Schizophrenia.
10 On Vonnegut.
11 (Outro)Animals are innocent.


lot's more...

audio streams of interviews
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January 26, 2009


Charles Bukowski :

90 Minutes in Hell (1966)... HERE

Poems & Insults (1973)... HERE

Solid Citizen (1978)... HERE

Hostage (1980)... HERE


January 22, 2009

The Crucifucks s/t (Alternative Tentacles, 1985)...

Formed in Lansing, Michigan in 1982, this debut LP was recorded in 1984 and released in 1985 on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label. Wisconsin followed in 1987, also on Alternative Tentacles. The band's trademarks are Doc Dart's excessively whiny voice and their blatantly anti-authoritarian lyrics, often rife with obscure and perverse humor. The band made a point of going beyond the pale in terms of lyrical content, attempting to be as offensive as possible. Their lack of mainstream success likely saved them from substantial legal action and high-profile controversy, the song "Cops for Fertilizer" does not mince words: "So kill the next policeman who gets in your way/ It'll set a good example for the children today". Many of their other songs are similarly harsh, attacking the American government (and America in general), and religion, particularly Christianity in an effort to drive home the point that blind faith in anything, be it patriotism or religion, is bad. Their song "Hinckley had a Vision" even advocated the killing of then President Ronald Reagan. (Wiki and Alternative Tentacles)

You know... for kids! (and Doc Darts laugh.)

(This comes on 'Our Will Be Done' cd along with the 2nd LP Wisconsin (which is available back in the archives) but i separated the two for obvious reasons, well mostly so you'd actually listen to this one on its own.)


Doc Dart article by Sam McPheeters HERE

applicable today...


January 16, 2009

Deluxx - The Forgiveness Towel (Bolide, 1996)...

Bed room style lo-fi shambolic rawk from Bob Fay (part of Sebadoh, Bakesale era and of course Deluxx Folk Implosion) with Mark Perretta also of DFI. Recorded at various times from 1993 - 1996 onto Bobs walkman and others live by Dean Lozenge. Some great bits and some i hate bits.

"The Forgiveness Towel is a 30 min., multi-faceted offering drawn from a collection of bedroom tapes, live radio broadcast, and an overload of improvisational inspiration. With a one-take wonderment and a no-fuss ethic, Deluxx captures a mayhem wash of emotive moments, recorded live, often in overdrive, sometimes with a reverb soak." (Forced Exposure)


v/a Grind The Faces Of Rockstars : Grindcore Compilation Series Volume I (Bloodbath, 1995)...


January 15, 2009

Heroin - Discography (1997)

Early 90's hardcore, invented Gravity Records and the San Diego sound, kinda like the Faith/Void LP but really squished and more abstract. Call it screamo, I wouldn't.

"Members of Heroin went on to bands like Antioch Arrow, Rice, Clikitat Ikatowi, Second Story Window, Holy Molar, and Spacehorse."



January 14, 2009

Merel - Discography (Gern Blandsten)...

This 15-track discography of the mighty MEREL features all of their recordings made during their existence from 1990-1994. Featuring a rhythm section who went on to help form New Jersey's brilliant Rye Coalition, Merel played chaotic, abrasive, and quite loud experimental hardcore that separated itself from the norm with its unlikely musical creativity. Fierce vocals lead the way, and they are actually relatively understandable while still being quite aggressively screamed. The band toys with both straight-ahead hardcore and a much more explosive style comparable to a completely untamed Rye Coalition. The experimental tracks are culled mostly from the band's only full-length, while the earlier recordings show the more untamed but straightforward approach. Most of the material is extremely effective, but the eight tracks from the LP are what make this disc really worthwhile. Merel develops their hardcore with no boundaries, and wailing guitars along with unrestrained song structures push the music toward increasingly effective results. All in all, this record is a fitting memorial to a promising if not so well-known group, and their bearing on the music later made in Rye Coalition alone makes it a worthwhile disc. (Peter D'Angelo)


January 13, 2009

Citizens Arrest - Citizens Arrest (Discography) (1993)...

On the tail of the Rorschach post, another great band from the late 80s. Short-lived and fast, that great buzzsaw guitar sound, no limp sweaty handshakes here.

Precursors of "powerviolence".

(courtesy of deek media)


January 12, 2009

Puff Tube - Emergency Peanut 2x7" (Scat, 1991)...

"Cleveland, Ohio's Puff Tube is a mixture of art damage, scum rock, tape manipulation and Residents weirdness, really hard to describe, but great fun to listen to. This double 7 came packaged with Scat Records Quarterly (a 62 page zine), a Puff Tube napkin + sticker and a set of Queasy Torpedo Postcards."

1 Heavy Music
2 Jazz Cinnamon in my Brain
3 Love Theme from Emergency Peanut
4 Soul Finger
5 Shriek Bum Limbo
6 Circus Freak
7 Midget Tolerance
8 My New Bathrobe
9 Snappin'One
10 Bib Lettuce Breakdown
11 My Baby is a Great Cook!
12 Get Off Me!
13 Chimmy Dimmy
14 Train Train


Walter De Maria - Drums and Nature (self-released, 2000)...

Two songs from reknowned sculptor Walter De Maria featuring a tribal drumming pattern and the sounds of nature. The two pieces included were originally recorded in 1964 and 1968; this CD was pressed on the occasion of a later exhibition of De Maria's work. He played the drums on 'Henry Flynt & The Insurections - I Don't Wanna' released on Locust Music and is also known for his Land Art sculpture 'Lightning Field' out in the New Mexican Desert.

The CD credits "Cricket Music" as track 1, and "Ocean Music" as track 2, but on the recording itself they're in reverse order (Listing below reflects actual recording).


1 Ocean Music (1968) (20:29)
2 Cricket Music (1964) (24:34)


January 09, 2009

Meat Shits - Ecstacy of Death (Moribund, 1993)...

A silly album for silly people. I listen to this when i drive my car through the car wash. I know the fella who owns the franchise at my local petrol station, if its not busy he lets me drive it thru for free a few times 'til the albums finished. (Cheers Najeeb!)


January 08, 2009

16 Bitch Pile-Up - Bury Me Deep (Troniks/Pacrec, 2007)...

The California dreams that led to death... There's twists, bends, curves, scrapes, and bumps. The atmosphere was simply frustrating and depressing - good! The ending is a shocker of sorts, each track is an unpredictable event that makes your heart beat with more than just suspense, but pure emotion - yes, definitely emotion. I even cried. Twice.
16 Bitch Pile-Up are a fierce 3 piece squall of Heartland (now California) electronics, thick moans, and scraped effects. Having previously performed at such noteworthy festivals as All Tomorrow's Parties, No Fun and Wooden Octopus Skull, 16BPU here presents their first widely available cd. Full color (+ naughty) fold out cover artwork in jewelcase. Limited edition of 1,000. Troniks/Pacrec


January 06, 2009

Hail Mary - All Aboard the Sinking Ship (Vermiform, 1999)...

Empire State analogue hardcore, produced by Neil of Mens Recovery Project. Art by Sam McPheeters. Take the elevator to the disagreeable emotions, then follow the signs to "screaming hairy man". Members of DROP DEAD, LIMP WRIST and GHETTO BLASTER.



January 05, 2009

Agathocles - Black Clouds Determinate (Cyber Music, 1994)

Second album seeing the death metal influences left behind with more of crust/hardcore sound and way better playing from the 3 dudes from Belgium. 30 tracks of puwa mincecore, an hour and ten long.

(2001 Uxicon CD re-issue)

Songs 1-16 were recorded and mixed between February 1994 and April 1994 at the
Soundshape studios in Arendonk, Belgium.
Songs 17-30 were recorded live on April 17, 1993 at the Jugendhaus Waldpforte
in Mannheim, Germany.
Songs 17 and 21 were previously released as the AG / NYCTOPHOBIC split 7" EP.


January 03, 2009

Potop - Channels (Iron Pig, 2008)...

Doom/Drone from Macedônia just recently had a split with the mighty Burmese, check it out... screamahellish.

"Five blistering tracks of negative vibes, tranquilised dirges and anguish. The slow parts of Powerviolence greats of old colliding with the sheer evil of Burning Witch."