January 31, 2009

Unholy Superion Attack War Metal...

Constant warlike tempo and ranting howl of rasped vocal edge on the churning cycles within these pieces, joining circular and linear in a narrative which reveals potential in nothingness by expanding the most basic riff concepts into epic levels of variation accompanied by concept expressed in lyrics and choices of points and modalities of frequent tonal reference, forming a baroque passion embedded in machine death music for the future. Deliberately similar to Blasphemy and other Canadian bands, this act have much in common with the Australian grinding black metal front as well as local bands Axis of Advance and Sacramentary Abolishment in the framing of drive in nearly constant percussion-centric surging blast of guitar and drum impact. Twisted fragments of esoteric self-convulsive melody trail off after a complementary rhythmic subdivision and briefest harmonization, forming the violent lead guitar which periodically graces these songs. Instrumentation is perfectly in balance with performance and reasonably technically adept. An overall impression to offer the listener: fast intelligent black metal based on a worldview of eternal warfare.

Conqueror - Hammer of Antichrist: History of Annihilation (Fifth Division, 2003)...


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