October 22, 2008

DEATH - Reign Of Terror Demo, fan-club version (1984)...

1984 was a major year for metal. Venom had exploded onto the scene in 1981-82 and were the gold standard for brutality in metal, Hellhammer had their demos going in the underground and were quickly making Venom sound dated, thrash was all the rage, and Death’s competitors for the death metal throne, Possessed, were getting their shit together with a demo of their own. Chuck was quite the listener, it seems, for Reign of Terror, unleashed into the maelstrom of extreme metal that existed in 1984, took the best parts of the aforementioned entities and put them together into a vicious blend. Reign of Terror is more death/thrash than pure death metal, unless of course you’re one of those virgin death metal fans who think that the growls define the music. The riffs are the dead giveaway – brutal tremolo-picked monstrosities played at a speed not even Possessed dared to go.

2.Summoned to Die
3.Zombie Attack/Instrumental (fan-club bonus track)
4.Witch of Hell
5.Reign of Terror



  1. Hace dias que bengo siguiendo tus cambios de banner.Me encanta este blog!Pasa por el mio a ver que te parece...Bye!


  2. Thank you for the GREAT time-line and article!!!-Beth Schuldiner

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