April 18, 2008

Ninnixu - Collection 2001-2007 (Non Compos Mentis, 2008)...

Bass only lo-fi thrashy kvlt black-metal filth from Boston Massachusetts.

..."consists of old school, mid-paced black metal straight out the first wave of the ‘80s, and, at other times, completely dives off the deep end of sanity as if a collision between Beherit, Black Funeral, and Abruptum were taking place in slow motion while your head caves in from the absolute horror of it all. The songs, which are ordered from 2001 to 2007, definitely show a progression of sorts (or descent into insanity as the case may be) with the older material decidedly within the realm of ‘80s-style black metal, albeit some haunting keyboards make appearances, and then becomes increasingly disordered and disturbing up to the present day with the latter material descending into black noise/ soundscape structures with a wholly unsettling vibe."



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