April 01, 2008

Pekos / Yoro Diallo (2007)...

First release from Drag City sublabel Yaala Yaala, a Sublime Frequencies style series of West African musics culled from field recordings, found sounds and tapes purchased at flea markets. And much like Sublime Frequencies, these mostly low fidelity recordings are allowed to remain mysterious, no liner notes, very little information about the artists, just a brief bit of text, mostly about the discovery of the music itself, and one can only assume, no system in place for providing the artists with royalties? Yoro Diallo is from Mali and is a well known singer and here is paired up with Pekos, who plays a guitar-like lute, an instrument whose sound is absolutely mindblowing, a fierce buzzing rhythmic riffing, crunchy and heavy, warm and resonant and so so powerful. Strummed and struck, picked and rubbed, weaving a totally hypnotic groove, on the first track it takes the form of a raw blues jam, the melody looped and repeated mantra like while Diallo, wails over the top, his voice deep and intense, as powerful and raw as the music beneath it - Aquarius



  1. you guys should consider uploading your files to sharebee
    makes it much easier for us consumers to download like six albums in a row

  2. no worries, i'll put the idea over to the board at the next managerial meeting. i thought you can have numerous downloads on the go with divshare?

  3. you can have multiple downloads with divshare, it's fine. please keep up the good work, you're a shaft of golden light while all around is dark.

  4. Thanks for posting this.

    album kills!

  5. just had to come back and say im still listening to this over a year later. more punk than punk. thankyou!