July 05, 2008

Los Dug Dugs - Smog (1972)...

Fuzzier, harder and heavier than on their self-titled debut, Los Dug Dug's hit their stride with this heavy psych monster. There's more than a touch of MC5 like energy here, but the pop hooks that made their first record sound so dated have largely been replaced. Lots of flute too, which brings an early Jethro Tull vibe into the mix as well. There's a couple of bummer mellow cuts, but on balance this is exactly how heavy/hard rock recorded in '72 should sound like. Get on the Dug tip and check 'em out. Really, a lost gem of the fuzzy, fuzzy early seventies.


1 comment:

  1. an aces album, although the lyrics to 'smog' don't exactly translate well in the english version, with laughable results...."cancer is made by cars and smoke". you gotta admire them for such a sweeping generalization!!