July 08, 2008

Men's Recovery Project - Frank Talk About Humans (Vinyl Communications, 1994)...

Sam McPheeters' Men's Recovery Project rose like a phantom out of the ashes of the legendary Born Against. Since their inception they have released over ten recordings on a number of different labels including Vermiform and Kill Rock Stars. The Project is epic in scope, tackling issues from Reaganite foreign policy to Naked Sailors; from an album dedicated entirely to the socio-economic realities in the Middle East to an unfathomably diverse 60 track CD; from songs less than ten seconds long, to entire short stories spoken aloud. It would be useless to try and even categorize the band beyond calling it "strange." Comical yet responsible, horrifying yet compelling, McPheeters' altered state of mind is apparent enough...



  1. 60 tracks of pure torture, the guy who did this crap don't know how to record it properly, what a waste of time.

    1. you have no idea what idiocy you're spewing.