August 29, 2008

Amanaz - Africa (Shadoks, 1975)...

Amanaz was formed in 1973. 3 songs are in the native language Bemba, and 9 songs in English, recorded in Kitwe, the 3rd biggest city in Zambia. Musically is goes in the same direction as Blo, The Witch and Question Mark, but this album is more mellow and stoned with amazing fuzz guitar all over which sounds like an African version of early Cream - Shadoks Music


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  1. hey man, borthwick here, its been a while. gordon put me onto your blog and i have to say you have some killer stuff on here, especially this little treasure here. after listening to this on the way to work this morning i was totally blown away and i'm bidding on a vinyl copy on ebay as we speak. let me know if you wanna hook up anytime soon and recall the good old days. take it easy mate!