August 19, 2008

Ya Ho Wa 13 - I'm Gonna Take You Home (1974)...

Bearded vegetarian, group-sex advocate, and alleged shaman, Father Yod (a.k.a. Jim Baker) began collecting impressionable young hippies after a short apprenticeship with flower-power icon Yogi Bhajan. Yod's gang ran a successful vegetarian restaurant in Los Angeles, complete with white-robed waiters and a gift shop hawking records. Along with members of his Source Family, some 250 strong, Yod's bands Spirit of '76 and Ya Ho Wha 13 released no fewer than nine albums in the '70s. A couple more were even released after the Father died in a hang-gliding accident in 1975. Deeply inept, the Ya Ho Wha collective aped early '70s Stones, explored tribal group glop as well as grope and echoed Yod's stance on topics like kindness toward carrots & giving pot to small children. The later Source Family records also feature hefty contributions from Sky "pushin-way-way-too-hard" Saxon. Finally stylewise, all should take note (as Yod is god): naked girls lying on gold Rolls-Royces, Santa beards, white Steve Martin suits and fringed cowboy outfits with matching Indian headbands.




  1. Wow--that is some crazy stuff. The pictures are the tops, though. I love the talk about reincarnation after the last song.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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