November 24, 2008

Bermuda Triangle s/t (1977)...

Released as a private pressing on the aptly named Winter Solstice label, Bermuda Triangle who hail from Long Island New York released this gem in the height of Punk...1977. A combination of The Farm Band and Bobby Brown (the solo act from early 1970's California), Wendy Carlos meets Joan Baez the band were made up of a female singer/bassist/female drummer/violinist and a guy who sings and plays the electronic auto harp/organ and piano. The sound is totally lost in time and transports you back to the carefree days of the early seventies and is extremely trippy. You have to check out the wah wah auto harp, the weird percussion and bass, a great listen almost pre-dates the current folktronica scene. This wild album has to be heard and is quite superb from folk to reels to country all bathed in this misty auto harped glory. (Forced Exposure)

(Includes cover of smash hit "Dream On")



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