November 25, 2008

Trencher - When Dracula Thinks "Look At Me" (2003)...

Trencher a London based threesome deliver 14 brutal Casio Powerviolence tracks in under 17 minutes and thats including the hidden track at the end of the album. Walking in to the sound of Trencher is akin to walking into your living room to find Locust thrashing it out with Crossed Out over a particularly competitive game of twister. Each track is a micro symphony of anarchic explicity - sex, death, anger and essentially a sense of humor drive these nasty (sound) bites of Trencher's self proclaimed casiogrindcore

(Co-released by 'A Tree in A Field Records, Super Fi, Victory Garden, The Action Index, and Crucificados Pelo Sistema.')


'Mouth To Anus' vid...


  1. If I walked into my living room to find the Locust playing Twister with Crossed Out, I'd probably nut in my jeans. I'm listening to this right now, it's good. Thanks.

  2. Commendable. Apart from the girl, I find her quite offensive.

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