February 10, 2009


...Grief - Come to Grief (Century Media, 1994)

"Since 1991, these Massholes have been writing songs about a distinctly New England flavor of depression and isolation. Jeff Hayward’s throat-shredding vocals often seem more hardcore than metal; indeed, almost 15 years later, it’s possible to see Grief as one of a handful of seminal NE bands who initiated the merger between hardcore and metal. However, unlike some of those bands, Grief still sounds both relevant and entertaining."

(second LP)...

Earthworm : 09:50
Hate Grows Stronger : 08:23
World Of Hurt : 05:03
I Hate You : 06:10
Ruined : 04:26
Fed Up : 06:29
Stricken : 06:00
Come To Grief : 08:11