February 26, 2009

Mayhem - Life Eternal EP (Season of Mist/Saturnus, 2009)...

i wasn't planning on putting this up but thought it fairly fitting because of the Morbid tape posted earlier.

'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' was Mayhems first studio album recorded after vocalist Dead blew his brain out in '91 and just before Varg Vikernes known also as Count Grishnackh (Burzum) stabbed to death Øystein Aarseth known as Euronymous in '93 because Varg considered him a fake and a disgrace to the scene for supposedly wearing a pink dressing gown behind closed doors and getting off on gay porn. Anyway Attila Csihar had joined to replace Dead on vocals, you also have Varg Vikernes on bass, Euronymous on guitars of course and Hellhammer on drums. The murder happened whilst the album was in production and the parents of Euronymous asked Hellhammer to have Varg's bass removed and re-recorded but he never did, he only turned it down in the mix, it's also debatable that he altered the tracks at all. This EP here is the first release by Attila Csihar's label Season of Mist and is supposedly the versions with the original levels probably mastered from the original master tape so the sound quality is better (depending on your preference as to how you like your Black Metal to sound like!). It's only an EP because 3 tracks from the album are missing, fuck knows why the others aren't here and with such a messy discography anyway it beggers belief as to why he was sitting on these alternate mixes for 15 years? Its all just details anyway but perhaps these versions are truer to how the initial release might have sounded like if Euronymous hadn't been killed, hell knows?

Cursed in Eternity 05:07
Pagan Fears 06:18
Freezing Moon 06:20
Funeral Fog 05:48
Life Eternal 06:51



  1. who knows, indeed. good listen for sure though. thanks!

  2. This is pretty good, i think the booklet is what really makes it though. That pic of them all sitting eating Hungarian goulash is amazing, then blaze(-ing in the northern sky) weed in mr Euronymous snr's car before it gets robbed...classic!
    On the subject of 'i spent all day in the pub cuz im a cunt' i saw forder the other week at a friends leaving party in scottys sisters pub. He turned up with 3 dvd's of amazing 'youth club' and 'splinter group' footage witch was incredible. Then short changed the barman, called him a cunt, got kicked out, came back for more, got thrown out again and shut down the party. what a man.

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