February 25, 2009

Morbid - December Moon : demo tape (1987)...

when i first heard this i was expecting something more along the lines of the Checker Patrol demo (HERE) that features Euronymous and Necrobutcher in their band before Mayhem or the first Darkthrone demo Land of Frost (HERE), which i fuckin love by the way, teenagers starting out thrashing away in some basement or garage just having a blast, not expecting any decent playing or wanting any really, just perving on raw youthful energy! the Morbid demo had all that and more, fuckin great early Black Metal, really atmospheric, with the obvious Death/Thrash influences of the time with some sick riffs from Uffe Cederland who went on to Entombed but Dead's vocals (this was his first band before he was in Mayhem and then infamously shooting his head off) are just amazing! this is lengendary amongst the Black Metal community and certainly nothing new but it will be to some.

My Dark Subconcious
Wings of Funeral
From the Dark
Disgusting Semla



  1. for anyone iterested in the Mississippi Records VA - "Last Kind Words" which was posted here but link was dead.


  2. I've just started to learn about black metal (after being turned off of it by some absolute shite symphonic hokum passed off as the stuff), and heard of this group after watching Once Upon a Time in Norway. Thank you for posting, I've been curious about them!


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