February 03, 2009


Palace Brothers - There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You (Drag City, 1993)...

The first album under the Palace Brothers moniker following appearances by Will Oldham on the 'Matewan' film soundtrack about an Appalachian mining community in 1987 released on Rounder. An album entitled 'Box of Chocolates:Fearful Symmetry' on which he sang on a couple of tracks released on Mad Entropic Carnaval in 1990. A 7" collaboration with Bill Callahan (Smog) 'The Sundowner:Goat Songs' EP, which featured 6 tracks and which i guess was the first official Will Oldham release then the first Palace Brothers 7":'Ohio River Boat Song' and also a track on a Drag City compilation "Hey Drag City", playing 'For The Mekons Et Al'. Its also well known that he took the photograph for the Slint:Spiderland cover with the dudes grinning in the water of some quarry lake near their home in Kentucky. (Brian McMahan and Britt Walford both of Slint were amongst the personel that played on this album). And so onward trot the little rustic songsmith clicking his heals and baring his demons to all. Please try not to bunch the Palace Music in with the flood of Alt Country/Americana melancholy tripe that followed from the late 90's to this very day, cos its not even in the same league... "O' Jesus but its SO depressing!" ...blah blah

Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playthings
Long Before
I Tried To Stay Healthy For You
The Cellar Song
(I Was Drunk At The) Pulpit
There Is No-One What Will Take Care Of You
O Lord Are You In Need?
King Me
I Had A Good Mother And Father
O Paul


Palace Brothers - s/t (Drag City, 1994)...

Second PB long player originally self-titled and later on named 'Days In The Wake'...

You Will Miss Me When I Burn
Come A Little Dog
I Send My Love To You
No More Workhorse Blues
All Is Grace
Whither Thou Goest
(Thou Without) Partner
I Am A Cinematographer


Palace Songs - Hope (Drag City, 1994)...

Mini long-player...

Agnes, Queen Of Sorrow
Winter Lady
Christmastime In The Mountains
All Gone, All Gone
Werner's Last Blues To Blokbuster


Palace Music - Viva Last Blues (Drag City/Palace, 1995)...

(its all about 'The Brute Choir'!)

More Brother Rides
Viva Ultra
The Brute Choir
The Mountain Low
Tonight's Decision (And Hereafter)
Work Hard/Play Hard
New Partner
Cat's Blues
We All, Us Three, Will Ride
Old Jerusalem


Palace - Arise Therefore (Drag City, 1996)...

(my personal all time favourite long-player in the Royal Stable)

A Sucker's Evening
Arise, Therefore
You Have Cum In Your Hair And Your Dick Is Hanging Out
Kid Of Harith
The Sun Highlights The Lack In Each
No Gold Digger
A Group Of Women
Give Me Children
The Weaker Soldier


Palace Music - Lost Blues And Other Songs (Drag City/Palace, (1997)...

A collection of 7"s and unreleased songs...

Ohio River Boat Song
Riding (alt. version)
Valentine's Day (prev. unreleased)
Trudy Dies (alt. version)
Come In
Little Blue Eyes (Peel session 27/11/93)
Stable Will
Untitled (live at the Lounge Ax 17/11/94)
O How I Enjoy The Light
West Palm Beach
Gulf Shores
(End Of) Travelling
Lost Blues (prev. unreleased)



  1. I've seen him play as Bonnie Prince Billy, and I know him (mostly) from the Zach Galifianakis/Kanye video, but I don't think I've heard any of his recorded output. Thanks.

  2. this is the billy i like best.
    do you know of any bootlegs from the 'Arise' era where will was performing with a drum machine?

  3. yeah i am drink again on drum machine is brilliant

  4. Thanks!! is the self titled Palace brothers the same as "sings greatest palace music", or recorded differently?

  5. thank you!

    By the way I used yr template for my blog, hope you do not get mad.

    I'll make some more changes later, tho.

  6. I read the New Yorker piece from a month back on Will Oldham. Sounds like an arrogant, self-obsessed dick who needs a punch in the nose.

  7. Arise Therefore is my palace fav too.I have request


    can you reup this? and post other's chatham rcords ?

    i will be grateful

  8. "you will miss me when i burn" and "pushkin" are cut short on days in the wake........used to these on vinyl anyway

  9. I agree, it is all about 'The Brute Choir', their voices go higher.

  10. i have all of Will Oldham's records, and i'm glad that, from the Palace period, you chose exactly my favorites :)

  11. thanks a lot for giving me a chance to listen to this - amazing so far

  12. thanks, man. sweet! i think i still have some of these albums on vinyl, no idea what became of them.

  13. thanks for this, i've got all the BPB stuff but hadn't heard the Palace Brothers albums before...

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  26. hi all, for weeks, I've been following your blog about PALACE BROTHERS/PALACE MUSIC..., I love the approach that you give to this subject, thank you very much!

  27. just curious, knew oldham played a preacher in matewan wasn't aware he made an appearance on the soundtrack, could you be more specific

  28. Hi,
    I know, your BPB post is almost a million years old now, but could you re-up the link of the Arise Therefor album please?
    I have been looking for it since ages now, can't find it.