August 24, 2009

A mixed 5 years...

"I put this together after hearing the essential DJ Chaos Live Mixxx (Yamataka Eye); the JD Twitch’s CD compilation that accompanied his 10 Inches of Fear re-edits; and having Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell play me a great Modern English tune from 1980 (included at the end of this selection). All reminded me of a time when the 1970s turned into the 1980s and UK punk rock turned into something different. This selection is mostly British (all but one tune) and spans 5 years from 1978-1983. It was a dark time in the UK as Thatcher took hold of the reigns of power. Let the dirge commence."

Thanks to Russell

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  2. Hi, is there a tracklisting you could put up for this, I recognise some stuff - Zounds, Sisters, Joke etc but would like to find out what the rest are...

  3. A list of the bands as they appear:
    The Luddites, Basement 5, Zounds, Sisters of Mercy, Spizz Energi, Twisted Nerve, Crisis, Killing Joke, Xmal Deutschland, Chrome, Bauhaus, Swell Maps, Modern English

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  5. Thanks! Thought it might be a Spizztrack, he's got a distinctive voice. Anyway lots of bands to go and look up now....

  6. fucking great mix. great for a stoney bike ride to get more stoney.