December 10, 2009


What the fuck is this then?

"A failed missile launch from a Russian Submarine"

You what?




  1. That was above Tromso, fucking strange.

  2. Strange alright !

    Its been took off the bbc site...

  3. Obama's going to be in Norway tomorrow to pick up his Nobel Prize, there could be a holographic light show planned where he hovers in the middle of it?

  4. Obviously norway has been doing some research. It is emanating from the base. Top secret military B.S. for sure. Why do we always want to give aliens credit for the strange things humans create.
    Lets hope a new horrible weapon has not been invented.

  5. I live in Norway and I have seen weirder sights in the sky,and I think this is a military thing.
    This is from the same place and time :

    This is from Hessdalen in Sør Trøndelag.The most active place for weird sights in the sky(they have a theory that it is a rare energy source,but fuck that theory):

    You can find more stuff abour Hessdalen on youtube and other places as well.

  6. crazy huh. seems like a HAARP-stylee projection, testing for the big one when the 'Aliens' arrive, 2012.... you what!?

  7. That photo is from a camera that is using long shutter speed and on a tripod.So its basicly a "rocket/object" circling up.
    And when its icecold and dark in the winter and the temp like the "northern lights".
    But then again the sights in Hessdalen is more intresting.

  8. Jean Michel Jarre NYE sound check and light show.

  9. so does yours. anal dialation.

  10. This indeed probably is "A failed missile launch from a Russian Submarine." I doubt that the Russian Federation would make a statement to this effect (especially considering the healthy dose of humiliation accompanying such an admission) unless it had really happened.

  11. Wasn't it explained the other day, it was some space waste that was spinning and releasing some kind of gas. No UFO.

  12. nah i never thought it was a ufo man? ive been checking shit out and i think its a demonstration of Russia's techno weoponry, seeing as Obama was in town. some HAARP style Scaler weapon device... a show of force. it is 2010 after all so im not surprised.
    they basically created a singularity (a black hole) hence the vortice then fired the blue beam at the thing to cease it which is a pretty strong warning to the U.S. and Britain. besides heres some facts:

    You cannot make the test of a missile over an other Country.

    You cannot make the test of a missile near the borders of an other Country.

    You cannot make the test of a missile above a Country of the NATO.

    If you lose the control of the missile you must self-destroy it within the borders of your Country.

    If you lose the control of the missile you must absolutely recover wreckages (all the wreckages) within least time.

    If you make the test of a missile over an other Country, this is a deliberated threat.

    If you make the test over a country of the NATO, you risks an immediate act of retaliation.

    if you watch the footage and it looks to you like a missile gone haywire then what they told you might be true but it looks pretty fucking controlled and stationary to me!


  14. Stiles...good arguments/thoughts.Very intresting.