January 14, 2010

A Number Of Names

"Historically, this is considered to be the first ever Detroit techno record, released in 1981 a few weeks before Cybotron's 'Alleys Of The Mind'. Musically, it is a strange mash-up between Kraftwerk, Italo and robotic New-Wave, with a quite minimal and raw production."

"Legend has it that the originals were limited to 500 copies, and sold to club members at the Charivari parties held in Detroit c.1981 which this track was written about. A Number of Names changed the spelling to "Sharevari" to avoid any possible conflict with the Charivari party promotors. A lot of party promotors in Detroit around this time (including Derrick May and Kevin Sauderson who were struggling with thier Deep Space parties) were just teenagers, but were still raking in the cash. They were living the dream and buying top designer clothes and flash cars. This track epitimises that dream for those teens who otherwise lived in a harsh environment."

"The catalog number of this release is a nod to the Porsche 928. The song "Sharevari" sings the praises of that car, as well as L'Uomo Vogue, GQ, car cassettes, cigarettes, bread, cheese, fine white wine, and just about everything else Northwest Detroit party boys aspired to in 1981." (Discogs)

A Number Of Names - Sharevari 12"

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