May 29, 2010

Harry Smith

"Early Abstractions" (1946-57)

The seven films that make up Early Abstractions are spliced together to be projected as a unit. "My movies are made by God; I am just the medium for them." Harry Smith "Smith's films can be watched for pure color enjoyment, or for motion - Harry Smith's films never stop moving - or you can watch them for hidden and symbolic meanings, alchemical signs." Jonas Mekas

(Part 2 & onwards)

Harry Smith interview (1965): Part one | two



  1. looks like Luke Vibert.

  2. the 'american magus' book is a well worth addition to any sort of occult style library or those interested in the recorded sounds and visions of the human/soul strain. I think Smith was one of those odd sorts that was a misaligned master or something & fate's crooked finger placed him in the margin along the way.

    Thanks for the ubu interview connection.

  3. check out: