May 12, 2010

Martin Carthy

s/t (1965)

Martin Carthy made his first solo recording on the collection Hootenanny in London (1963), singing Your Baby 'as Gone Down the Plug Hole, later revived by Cream. Martin also sang With the End of Me Old Cigar in a duet with Redd Sullivan, and Girls. By now, Martin Carthy was recognised (not because of songs like that) as a virtuoso folk guitarist and was resident at London's top folk club, the Troubadour. There he taught songs to visiting Americans including Bob Dylan and Paul Simon who adapted Lord Franklin and Scarborough Fair for their own records. With Leon Rosselson, Carthy recorded as the Three City Four (first album released 1965) before making his first album, Martin Carthy for Fontana (also released 1965). He recorded this and his Second Album with Dave Swarbrick, with whom Carthy was touring the folk clubs. It was not before Byker Hill that both got equal billing for their duo records. From 1969-72, he was a member of the folk-rock band Steeleye Span with whom he first played electric guitar; see the photo from the sleeve of 'Ten Man Mop' (1971). In 1972, Martin Carthy married Norma Waterson and joined her more traditional vocal group, The Watersons.


  1. Really love this one. Cheers

  2. Interesting sound, I just hear a couple of tracks and it is very good. Thanks for the post.