June 03, 2010


(Mike Leigh 1983)

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  1. never seen it, but does this trailer do it justice? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Llcgzs1jNOM

  2. a reaction to our new tory overlords? it does feel a bit like the 80's again right now...what with all the fucking kids slavishly aping 80's 'style' (whatever the fuck that was anyway)

    meantime's alright though...but the definitive british 'social' flick of the 80's has still gotta be 'made in britain'...tim roth totally fucking brings it and probably had more influence on skinheed recruitment in the 1980's than every song skrewdriver ever wrote


  3. Meantimes better for numerous watches, its so well written and conveys the humour of England in the late 70's early 80's to a tee; people aren't like that anymore so its almost a documentary for me. if i watch Made in Britain i have to give it a couple of years before i watch it again but Meantime always makes me laugh and theres fuck all black comedy around these days that isn't overly sarcastic (including U.S. films) and badly delivered btw by some fuckin private school cunt, im talkin these cock suckers like alan carr, FUCKING simon FUCKING pegg and all them other middle class twats whose names i'd rather not waste my time trying to remember. Trailer Park Boys, the Curb seasons (excluding the last one where Larry actually became the 'dick') oh and East Bound And Down are the only things that bring any kind of grin to my face now.

  4. that east bound and down was fucking shit mate...that danny mcbride just grates on me whether he's playing a cunt or not (which he always seems to do...typecasting or is he just a knacker?)

    and as for middle class twats...what about mike leigh? fucking working class tourist his whole career who i'll grant you made a couple of decent films but but at heart they're always so fucking patronising in a "oh aren't they rough and thuggish these working class tykes...but they have good hearts" kind of way...fuck that, give me alan clarke any day that guy got straight to the meat of his stories without the need to make his characters somehow 'noble' because of their struggles like leigh did...AND he made 'elephant' which is a fucking masterpiece

    there might not be too many 70's and 80's working class through backs down there now because everyone's so aspirational these days but up here it's fucking rife with them i tell you...and they're not the salt of the earth either...shower of bastards...takes one to know one

    (i'm in complete agreement about larry though...i actually deleted that last series from my hard drive because i didn't want to mistakenly watch it again)

    do yourself a favour and get 'a confederacy of dunces' by john kennedy toole to read...it's a good laugh and it's about time you started reading more

  5. should have said throw backs there...see, thick as fuck working class all the way...i'll be writing your instead of you're next...then it's mixing up the theres and theirs...jesus

  6. and you're right about made in britain being only an occasional watch too...just a bit grim isn't it...funny though

  7. anyway regardless of what you say cleverclogs its still a funny film, not bothered about mike leigh in his human form so i wouldn't know

    i knew people just like them and im sure you did too, up in sherburn

  8. no cockernees on sherburn road mate...we had the proper scum of the earth...people who know what it's like to have an 18 stone alcoholic woman do a striptease in the pub of a sunday afternoon and then spend the rest of the night sitting in a pool of her own piss...and funnily enough that probably still occurs quite a lot in select bars in newcastle

    yeah, meanwhile is pretty funny though

  9. Meanwhile you turn on the news and you get Threads. Imagine the crossovers with this, Made In Britain, Threads, etc like some Marvel/DC tie in. Possibilities are endless. Miserable as fuck but a few chortles to be had no doubt.
    If i remember Mr Roth took some older birds fancy in Meanwhilewith his NHS specials

  10. i haven't got a telly so are you implying that we're in danger of imminent nuclear apocalypse, has something happened that i should know about? or is it just sheffield that's going to get bombed because i could probably live with that

    threads was great though...fuck doctor who, the bbc should do a spin off from threads...they could start it from when that mutant baby gets born at the end and it'd basically be the story of how the humongous came to be in mad max 2...and if that turns up on the bbc in a few years somebody's getting shot

    it must be hard for kids nowadays...all they've got to worry about is random knifings for 'dissing' someone and being socially ostracised on facebook...i had the choice of nuclear annihilation or ending up like zammo off grange hill

    but we were happy...etc (sorry, went off on a bit of a nostalgia trip then...but the kind of nostalgia trip where you realise that your life was shit when you were growing up because, well the 80's were pretty shit really)

  11. ah, they could have tied in a grittier version of Day Of the Triffids after Threads.

    The remake shown on BBC last xmas was pretty shite really. Either i missed something or Eddie Izzard's character was non-explained, didn't really care really.

    The Howard Keel film is still my fave adaption.

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