June 17, 2010

O Lucky Man!

(Lindsay Anderson 1973)

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  1. Totally fucking brilliant!! One of my favourite films...

  2. never seen it before, great

  3. Ain't seen this either. Does Helen Mirren get her kit off in this one too?

  4. I think I was 12 or 13 when I first saw this on Channel4 or BBC2 in the early eighties and looking back it was one of those key films that led to my sense of cinema as an altered state of consciousness....watching it now it also reminds me that 99% of contemporary films are just banal crap.

    Well worth watching on its own but really, to get a true sense of Anderson's vision, it needs to be viewed at least once as part of the trilogy of If, Oh Lucky Man! and Britainna Hospital.

    The brief "man-pig" miscegnation clip is as seared into my consciousness as permanantly as Buenel's razor to the eye.