November 28, 2010

The Mindscape Of Alan Moore

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80 minute documentary from 2003 which chronicles the life and work of Alan Moore, author of several acclaimed graphic novels, including From Hell, Watchmen and V for Vendetta. A portrait of the artist as contemporary shaman, someone with the power to transform consciousness by means of manipulating language, symbols and images. The film leads the audience through Moore’s world with the writer himself as guide, beginning with his childhood background, following the evolution of his career as he transformed the comics medium, through to his immersion in a magical worldview where science, spirituality and society are part of the same universe.

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  1. You gotta love the story of A.M. in Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman, by that Viz guy. Where the fans are chasing him to the toilets. Does my head in where folk praise that Vendetta movie without reading the comic. I remember watching him on something, maybe the Culture Show or summat. He was saying there were more plot holes in the Vendetta movie than an issue of Whizzer & Chips.
    (aka Rhino bumcrack's covert profile).