December 11, 2010


Louisville act Rachel's (core members being viola-player Christian Frederickson, former Rodan guitarist Jason Noble and pianist Rachel Grimes) became known in the early Nineties for making some kind of chamber music for post-rockers.
The 1995 "Handwriting" LP released by Quarterstick featured the track "Full On Night": the band would play it live again and again, letting the original composition slightly shift away from that Michael Nyman feel that made Rachel's famous to a more experimental and intense form.
The new version was baptized "Recension mix", then Matmos were asked to provide their personal take on it.
Quarterstick put out the result in the year 2000.

RACHEL'S / MATMOS, FULL ON NIGHT (Quarterstick, 2000)

Further exploration on this side were captured even better in these tour CD-Rs, originally available only at gigs and now digitally reissued.

RACHEL'S, SIGNIFICANT OTHERS (self released cd-r, 2002)

RACHEL'S, TECHNOLOGY IS KILLING MUSIC (self released cd-r, 2005)

Cold but touching, descriptive but expressionist, quite in the vein of their outstanding "Systems/Layers" album, probably their best stuff.