May 08, 2012

Grave - Grave I (1975)

"Another one of those sacred "heavy progressive" legends! Grave were a band of teenagers that formed in a Brinkum (near Bremen) basement in 1975. With a primitive tape recorder, six tracks were recorded live in the studio (Summer 1975) and released as Grave I in a limited edition of 100 copies. This was plain, straight forward and simple garage rock, like the fast competent rehearsals from your neighbourhood teenage combo. I cannot understand why this has become such a hunted collector's item, and that people are prepared to pay 1,000 DEM for it! But of course, other people have different opinions."

Above is quoted from the book Cosmic Dreams at Play: A Guide to German Progressive and Electronic Rock (1996) which you can download here

(3 more tracks recorded in 1975 were added to a reissue in the early 90's)

Morning Sun
The Hunter
Please G√ľnter Play The Bass
Little Giant
Funky Stadtkommandant
Grave Boogie
Hey Little Lady


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