May 07, 2012

Philip K. Dick

A Day In The Afterlife (1994)

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  1. Hi PKD Fans,
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  2. Along with getting Precious Artifacts (a clever play on one of PKD's short stories), all PKD fans, domestic and foreign should be reading the best serconzie on the planet about PKD, that is, PKD Otaku. Next issue will be the 25th anniversay issue.

  3. Cheers Frank!

    Here's a link to view pdfs:

  4. Cheers, Stiles. And tks for the input. For the current issue of PKD Otaku, #24, one can go to:

    And the next issue will be the 25th anniversary issue. I'm sure the Editor, Patrick Clark, would like to get all kinds of "letters to the Editor" about #24.