June 21, 2012

BEAM 2012

BEAM is a high-tech music weekender, a playground of homemade instruments and sonic installations, where you can listen to, watch and learn how to create your own physically living electronic music. BEAM was devised by Artistic Director Sarah Nicolls to explore the potential physicality of electronic music. The focus on electronic music being created LIVE is explored through a programme of performances, demonstrations, installations and workshops. BEAM brings together a global audience of artists, researchers, DiY electronics builders and enthusiasts, from beginners to veterans.

Some highlights:

Marco Donnarumma will be teaching how to build and use his performance driven bio-sensing contact mic apparatus, which you get to keep it at the end of the workshop.

In the visual tradition of Len Lye (see previous post) yet harnessing the aural aggression of live noise performance (just as compatriot Justice Yeldham does), artist Sally Golding employs in her practice "torchlight printed sound film, hacked sonic devices, motorised colour filters, stroboscopic light, refracting lenses and physical interference... warping the output of the projector’s light and sound into a hypnotic and frantic field of colour, form and noise fuzz."

Without the aid of the usual sound software, and commencing with only a blank TextEdit document and JITLib, four piece laptop group BenoƮt & the Mandelbrots "harness the process of writing software in real-time, expressing sonic structures as live source code."

BEAM takes place 22 - 24 June 2012 at Brunel University, Uxbridge.


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