February 22, 2009

Graveyard - Into the Mausoleum EP : promo, self released (2007)...

(from the bands bio on their website)...

"July 2007 - Julkarn and Bastard started fooling around with the whole GRAVEYARD thing a long time ago. They had always discussed about the possibility to develope a band / side-project in order to worship and show respect toward those bands they hailed since they were teenagers like ENTOMBED, ASPHYX, DISMEMBER, SLAYER, CELTIC FROST, EDGE OF SANITY, AT THE GATES, VENOM, AUTOPSY, CARNAGE, MORBID ANGEL, GRAVE or BOLT THROWER. Both tried so many times to arrange something, but never seemed to be the right moment for it. In July 2007, Bastard and Julkarn got in contact with drummer Gusi from the band UNDERTAKER (Now called MORBID FLESH). He is such a young guy compared to Julkarn and Bastard, but fortunately has the same musical taste concerning old school tradition and how Death Metal should be.
August 2007 – On 25th August 2007, GRAVEYARD entered a dirty garage up in the hills of Castelldefels (Owned by Roberto F. Giordano, cover illustrator of every GRAVEYARD release), and composed, arranged, rehearsed and recorded the songs included on "Into The Mausoleum". After 2 days of insanity, infamy, serious hell raising and blasphemy, Bastard, Julkarn and Gusi unleashed 4 hymns of pure and unique Death Metal based on the late 80's and early 90's tradition, specially that one which used to come from Sweden.
October 2007 - "Into The Mausoleum" was finished in October 2007 at Bastard's Moontower home Studio where growls, bass lines, fx and intros were recorded and mixed in different sessions. We asked some friends to give us a helping hand so the famous Tattoo Master Roberto Giordano did an amazing album cover for us..." GRAVEYARD

1. Entrance
2. Into The Mausoleum
3. Ritual
4. One Of Them
5. King Of The Graveyard
6. Under the Shadow of Death



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  2. This band is totally unknown to me, had never seen before.