February 20, 2009

Hello stranger...

only 40 years late!




  1. Cool Posts you got in here dood, greetings from INdonesia!

  2. i like all that fahey stuff and older blues and so on but this guy bores me, he plays everything so slow, what a lame dude.

  3. i wanna hear the old stuff. bit misleading the photograph on the cover eh?

  4. I understand but if you dont like it then you dont like it, if you read the interview he says he used to play fast when he was younger and goes into not using finger picks. check how Fahey slowed down, i guess its just a natural progression from being young and emulating the older primitive guitar players and wowing the crowd with your nimble plucking skills but with age you wisen up and the music becomes contemplative and transcendental. the problem here is i would have liked to have been given the opportunity to actually hear his music progress instead of at opposite ends of the spectrum.

  5. to stiles, i am not wise like this guy so i like faheys fast stuff, i mean check out faheys in christ their is no east nor west and compare it to max ochs, i mean its not a matter of style for me but it kinda gets me when fahey plays it, i feel like ochs butchered it.

  6. and another example is skip james for me. he may did his very own music and didn't care about anything, but i still didn't like it at all though i really dig stuff like dock boggs or charley patton, some sam mcgee and bukka white maybe. i tend do not look at a musicians history or how well he may be received or what his techniques are, i just care about if its sound good or like shit and boring.
    that was my 2 shits in a hole for today

  7. hmm. mediafire says it's been set to private. any chance on getting access to this? you can email me or drop a note on my blog.

    i just discovered your blog today. it's great.


  8. hmm. I just tried again. it says
    "This file is currently set to private. If this problem persists or you need further assistance, contact support.

    When a file is set to private by its owner only the owner of the file can access it. If you are the owner of the file please log into your account to access this file."

    i've tried several times on different browsers. don't know what the problem is.

    you could log in to your mediafire account and view your files; put your mouse over this file and some information should appear to tell you if it's private or public. if it says 'Private' in red, then click the link next to it that says 'Make Public'. see this image for example.

    otherwise, if that doesn't work i'd greatly appreciate a re-up. thanks a bunch!

  9. ahh wot a tit, i was looking at the Abner Jay file instead! there you go. Take care

  10. Thanks for this one! The poetry is SO sixties!