September 20, 2009

Errol Morris: First Person (Season 1, episode 2)...

'The Killer Inside Me'



  1. I wonder if Morris will ever release his interviews with Ed Gein, in some form or another and his talks with the folks of Plainfield. He supposably has lotsa hours on tape from his multiple visits back in the day.
    This episode was haunting and weird.
    Great stuff, thanks a lot!

  2. these rule, keep them coming!

  3. just grabbed this whole series, lookin forward to checking them all out!

    in answer to anonymous' question, he apparently never did anything with all of his gein material (!). morris made an appt with herzog to meet at gein's mother's grave to confirm if gein had actually attempted to exhume her. herzog showed up but morris flaked out.

    thanks for this tip on first person